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Google Review posted: Apr 13, 2017
“Tanya came to our home and helped us connect the dots to become compatible with our new one year old Humane Society retrieval, a mixed breed guy named Scotty. Scotty is very active and had not had much previous owner interaction. Tanya showed us how to move some of his energy to activities that are fun for him and us. Thank goodness! I have high regards for Tanya’s ability to help humans more enjoy the creature comforts around us. I would ask her to help in this situation again given half an opportunity.”
~Joe Walsh – Johnson Creek, WI

Thumbtack Review July 2016
“Tanya did an amazing job with our dogs Bandit and Sadie. Bandit is a 90 pound baby who was afraid of his own shadow. Tanya helped teach me how to predict how he would react to people he was afraid of. I am a much more confident large dog owner. Sadie needed some basic training skills after being rescued. Walking a leash was a major concern for me, Tanya helped Sadie walk great on a leash. Thank you Tanya for making me a better owner and them better dogs!”
~Pam Chapman – Sun Prairie, WI

“I have 2 dogs, both puppies and I am a first time dog owner. My only experience comes from pet sitting. What this means is I did not have much experience when it comes to any part of the training and teaching a pet the important skills they need.
Ginger Snap is the first puppy I brought home. She is very sweet, and very smart and sassy, but can be a little bit overwhelmed when it comes to new or different experiences. I took Ginger Snap to a different trainer for all of her basic puppy classes. They did not go very well. There was a lack of connection with Ginger Snap and the trainer which led to some struggles. This left me very upset because I knew there had to be ways to do the training different from what we were doing. When Tanya started working with Ginger Snap the difference was amazing. Ginger Snap responded right away to Tanya and she enjoyed every lesson that was given to her.
I also have a very outgoing and very stubborn dog named Lilly. If Lilly doesn’t want to do something, good luck trying to get her to do it. Tanya was always very patient when working with Lilly on new commands, and in turn patient with me when I would get frustrated. Tanya would make the training fun and not something to stress about which made both Lilly and I look forward to our sessions.
Just like people, dogs have different styles of learning, and they respond differently to situations, which I feel is something that Tanya addresses very well. So when one way of training doesn’t work she will adapt and try a different way until we (both pet parent & pet) understand.”
~Erica Siekert – Fort Atkinson, WI

“Tanya has been helping me with my dog, Archie. He has been doing wonderfully since we started. But the real training has been for me! As the owner of a “cute” dog, it was real easy to be a softie. Tanya is very kind when she points out that although a loving dog parent is important, it is also important to the dog’s mental and physical health to be engaged in training. She has been an incredible help to both Archie and me!”
~Angel VanDaele- Fort Atkinson, WI

“My dogs, Rascal and Missy, both terrier mixes, are in ongoing training with Tanya Pawlowski. Rascal is especially important to work with as he has protection issues and is overly protective of “his people” and “his house”.
Rascal has improved greatly under Tanya’s guidance and instruction. Most importantly he has learned to walk and ignore passing people and other dogs and has learned many basic obedience commands through very positive reinforcement. He continues to learn and grow into a much happier canine citizen.
Missy is the high energy version of terrier. Very loving, but has a difficult time containing all that energy. She is learning control and focus. Quiet is also on her list as barking is her favorite way to greet people. Tanya has helped us make progress on both issues.
Rascal and Missy both say “thank you” for helping us listen to our mom.
Thank you Tanya!”
~Gay Spangler- Jefferson, WI

April 2015
“I have known Tanya Pawlowski for about three years and her love of dogs and interest in dog obedience. Recently, I learned that she had completed training to become a professional dog trainer. Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to see her work! A friend recently adopted two small terrier mixes. One had a little bit of a barking problem, and an inability to calm down when people approached her. The other dog (although friendly with his new owners), was not friendly toward other people or dogs. Tanya had been working with them once a week for about a month. She was there the night I visited and asked me to help with training by approaching and sitting next to my friend on the couch while the one dog was next to them. With her guidance, I approached and was amazed to find that I could not only sit next to the dog and his owner, but I could actually reach out and shake the owner’s hand without him reacting. He remained calm. Tanya then asked me to sit on the couch, and see if he would come and sit next to me if I called, which he did. I was able to pet him and enjoy his company. This was a drastic change. The excitable dog had also progressed, and was learning to calm down when greeting visitors. Tanya’s approach was quiet, calm and gentle. She rewarded desirable behaviors in these dogs, and they responded. She also was able to predict behaviors by “reading” their body language. She knew when they were stressed and when they needed to either stop the lesson or take a break. She never pushed them beyond what they were comfortable with.
I highly recommend Tanya Pawlowski’s services to anyone needing help with their dog behavior problems. “
~Denise Zentz- Fort Atkinson, WI

“I felt like I owned two dogs. One was cuddly and quiet and the other was a mad, speed demon determined to choke the life out of himself as he charged down the road. I needed to find a way for Solo to enjoy his walk as a dog, while not causing harm to himself. I had tried a harness, but Solo, for no reason I could find, began to hide from it. I needed to consult someone who knew more about the language Solo was speaking and how I could get him to understand mine so that we could enjoy our long country walks together. Tanya’s interpretation of Solo’s behavior and suggestions for behavior modification were very easy to understand and follow. She provided a structure while still being flexible, connecting other strategies I began to try and adapt my ideas into the theory behind my actions and Solo’s responses. She was conscientious and detailed in her comments, making sure Solo and I could make the most of our time together. Even now with the changing seasons and new smells, I am not nervous to get out the leash. Solo’s name may be on the diploma, but Tanya taught us both how to get the walk we want.
Thanks again!”
~ Erin Conway- Janesville, WI

“Rhuby is my first puppy, and training with Tanya made training and raising her so much easier than I thought possible. She gave excellent advice about all aspects of raising a puppy, and by using her tips and techniques in training, Rhuby picked up each command very quickly. Without Tanya’s help, Rhuby would not be the well-behaved, happy puppy she is today”
~Megan Ball- WI

“Tanya helped us with training our first dog. She personalized Hank’s training and helped us understand what he responded to best and catered our training sessions to our dog. Without Tanya’s training and expertise we would struggle with owning a large dog. She helped us develop a well mannered dog and the skills we took away are used on a daily basis with Hank. She made our journey into dog ownership less intimidating and so much more enjoyable!!”
~Audrey Maylone- Janesville, WI

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